8 Essentials for Homeschooling

girl in yellow long sleeve dress reading the alphabets on wall

These are 8 Essentials for Homeschooling in our house!

  1. 3 – Tier Rolling Cart

    I absolutely love this rolling cart so I can move it all over the house and even easily take things outside. It keeps everything neatly organized and put in a safe place.
  1. Book Holders

    I use these to keep our books and curriculum organized in the rolling cart.
  2. Changing Calendar

    This one I think is a must-have for any Elementary or Middle Schooler so they can start learning how to know when things are due and what day of the week it is and the weather outside. For my littles I have them associate the weather with the season and what types of clothing are appropriate for the current weather conditions.  
  3. Pattern Box

    I LOVE this Pattern Block Box. It is such a fun way to get them thinking outside of the box, they can do shapes, colors, counting, matching, create their own ideas, or follow the provided ones. So many options with this one!!
  4. Magnet Tiles

    These Magnetic tiles are a lifesaver. We use them for sorting, stacking, building, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, counting, and so much more. Just be warned the kids will want to take them everywhere! 
  5. Liberty Kids DVD Set

    It has been my experience that no matter the age range kids love these and I feel that no matter how old the kiddo is they can take something away from the liberty kids shows. This is such a great program and family unit!
  6. The Magic School Bus DVD Set

    Ms. Frizzle will definitely take the kids through a wondrous ride on “The Magic School Bus.” This is one of my other favorites to do as a family unit! 
  7. Nature Activity Guide

    Every kid should have a nature activity guide at every age. Getting our kids out of the classroom and into the world is a beautiful and adventurous life to give.

    Thank you for looking at my list of materials recommended for Homeschooling.

    You can view my list of recommended curriculums for homeschooling HERE!

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