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All Things Homeschool

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Welcome to Stay at Home Wife and Mama!

I am a mother of three wild kiddos, a wife, blogger, baker, crafter, homesteader, homeschooler and so much more

All things homeschool related are here to help you feel more passionate, personal, and confident in your homeschooling.

  • 3 DIY Advent Calendars
    DIY Advent Calendars are heartfelt, cost-effective, fun, and stress-free. They are a fun and creative way to start off the holiday season.
  • 10 Reasons to Homeschool Today!
    10 Reasons to Homeschool Today… Flexibility, Teaching How the Child Learns, More Hands on Experiences….Also See my top 6 curriculum recommendations!
  • 8 Essentials for Homeschooling
    8 Essentials for Homeschooling…Rolling Cart, Bookholders, Calendar…..Also, see my list of 6 curriculums for Homeschooling
  • 6 Field Trips For Homeschooling
    6 Field Trips for Homeschooling. In our house, we love to ensure that our field trips can fit into our homeschool curriculum no matter the age or grade our kiddos are in. Check out our List of curriculums for homeschooling HERE.
  • 6 Curriculums For Homeschooling
    Below is a list of 5 Curriculums Recommended For Homeschooling. I have personally used or know people who have used each of these curriculums for their school year and for a range of ages and grades.  Click Here to Visit Beautiful Feet Books My kiddos range from preschool into first grade. I love using more […]

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