How to Properly Dilute and Blend Essential Oils

Properly Dilute and Blend Essential Oils Like a Pro!

What is dilution? Just as a reminder essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils and because of this we need to dilute them before we can use them topically. By diluting the oils we can prevent irritation, burning, and a number of skin issues.

Diluting essential oils is actually quite easy, this is done by taking a large amount of carrier oil and a few drops of essential oils to make it topical safe. Essentially we are just adding oil to oil.

What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are the larger oils we add to essential oils to dilute them and make them topical-safe. Carrier oils also offer natural benefits making them the first choice to dilute essential oils. Below is a list of carrier oils and their benefits.

  • Coconut Oil (solid) & Fractionated Coconut Oil (liquid) – Both coconut oils are ideal for dry skin, soothing rashes on the skin, and a reduction in inflammation on skin. They are both nursing and can help reduce discoloration. The difference between the two is regular coconut oil stays in a solid form and needs to be melted down before use. However, it’s perfect for a recipe you want to have a firmer texture when cooled. Fractionated Coconut Oil is great for adding to roll-ons because it’s meant to stay as a liquid.
  • Almond Oil – This oil also helps soften and smooth skin. It’s good for soothing itching, soreness, dryness, and inflammation. It is also full of vitamins and is great for hair and nails. I use this cautiously in the recipes that I sell to others just in case someone has a nut allergy.

The table below shows all the carrier oil information and the ones that are currently sold on the Simply Earths website have an asterisk(*). You can find their website HERE and if you purchase use my coupon code SAHWMFREE and you will receive a $40 Gift Card!

Whenever we use essential oils on the skin, it is important to dilute them with carrier oil. Carrier oils are natural oils that are filled with toxin-free benefits that are amazing on their own and pair amazingly with essential oils. You can use a single carrier oil or blend carrier oils together to create a base for your essential oil blend.

NameSkin TypeBenefits
Avocado Oil*sensitive, dry & mature skinsmooths wrinkles and fine lines, repairs skin cells, softens skin, moisturizes, lightens complexion and shadows 
Camellia Seed Oil*irritated, sensitive, mature, and dry skinsoftens, moisturizes, helps balance mildly oily skin, feels light on the skin
Castor Oildry, chapped, damaged skincreates a thick and shiny layer on the skin, moistures, heals skin
Coconut Oil*all skin typesmoisturizes, softens skin, prevents signs of aging, heals skin
Fractionated Coconut Oil*all skin typesfeels light on the skin, moisturizes, softens skin, prevents signs of aging, heals skin
Grape Seed Oilall skin typessmooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces stretch marks, moisturizes, supports circulation, helps reduce excessive perspiration 
Hazelnut Oilall skin typesfeels light on the skin, moisturizes, nourishes, softens skin, relieves itching
Jojoba Oil*all skin typesbalances, softens, feels light on the skin, improves skin elasticity, helps break down clogged pores, moisturizes
Meadow Foam Oil*dry, damaged, chapped, aging skinquickly moisturizes skin, helps heal bruises, prevents signs of aging
Olive Oildry, mature, sensitive skinsupports circulation, helps reduce excessive perspiration, moisturizes, supports pain relief (anti-inflammatory)
Rosehip Oilall skin typeshelps repair damaged and scarred skin, heals skin, prevents signs of aging
Sesame Seed Oilall skin typesfeels light on the skin, moisturizes, softens the skin, 
Sunflower Oilnormal, oily, sensitivefeels light on the skin, absorbs quickly into skin, supports circulation, helps reduce excessive perspiration
Sweet Almond Oil*all skin typesfeels light on the skin, softens and smoothes the skin, moisturizes 
Credit to: Simply Earth

Along with carrier oils, there are other ingredients you can use to safely dilute essential oils. Here is a list of other ingredients you can use and their benefits. 

ButtersButters like shea, cocoa, kokum, mango, and shea are extremely nourishing for your skin. To use a butter as a carrier, melt it and mix in the essential oils.
HoneyHoney helps kill germs and prevent signs of aging. It will also help your skin retain its moisture. 
Beeswax*Beeswax is a natural thickening agent. It also creates a protective barrier when used on the skin. Beeswax is often used in balm and salve recipes.
Full Fat Milk*Full-fat milk is nourishing for your skin. Note: only milk that is full of fat will safely dilute essential oils. This is a great way to dilute essential oils for a therapeutic bath.
Castile Soap*Castile soap is a vegetable-based cleaning agent. Use it to make your own foaming hand soap and other cleaners. 
Aloe Vera*Aloe Vera is cooling, helps kill germs, and helps relieve pain. Liquid aloe vera will only partly dilute an essential oil. If you are using liquid aloe vera as your carrier in a recipe, be sure to shake the recipe before using it. Essential oils can be totally diluted in aloe vera gel.
Credit to: Simply Earth

What are dilution rates? The dilution rate is the ratio of how many drops of essential oil to carrier oil. I will include a chart that Simply Earth has given out. If you want your own copy feel free to get on their website HERE

Credit to Simply Earth for Dilution Chart!

How do you make an essential oil blend? Making a blend is just as it sounds, multiple essential oils mixed together to create one oil blend. Since not all oil aromas are created equally we need to be mindful of how to mix them properly to get the effect we are going for.

I highly recommend the Essential Oils Hero Course offered by Simply Earth! They go over in-depth how to use and make blends and also give you recipes for a non-toxic home.

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