Motherhood and Parenting

Motherhood and Parenting

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Welcome to Stay at Home Wife and Mama!

I am a mother of three wild kiddos, a wife, blogger, baker, crafter, homesteader, homeschooler and so much more

Motherhood and Parenting – the most rewarding, exhausting, loving job you can have. Everyone says it takes a village but between breaking generational curses and toxic people to the world we have to live in. Our “Village” becomes ME, MYSELF, and I. I hope to bring some love, hope, and feelings of support while you join me on this journey.

  • I’m Not a Shitty Wife or Mama!
    I’m not a shitty wife or mama! This has taken me a long time to acknowledge and believe these words. …because my worth was decided on how my house looked.
  • Toxic People and Childhood Trauma
    Toxic People and Childhood Trauma are what made me choose that being a stay at home wife and mama was for me….BE THE CHANGE!
  • How to Make All Purpose Balm.
    Make All Purpose Balm it is safe for cloth diapers, sensitive skin, burns, cuts, diaper rash the list is endless Start with Beeswax, cocoa butter, …
  • Being a Stay at Home Mom and Wife…Why?
    Being a Stay at Home Mom and Wife is so important to me….God knew this was my purpose all along I just had to find my own path and stop comparing to others.

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