Hello Mama’s,

First and foremost thank you for coming to my blog. This is a place that I hope to inspire, relate and most importantly be myself with all of you.

I am a full time stay at home wife and mother. I am only 25 and that seems to be rather frowned upon by most, however, I love this life and feel like this is what God intended for me. I have three kids, a crazy husband, two dogs and a baseball team of chickens.

We have intentions of becoming full time homesteaders once we can get onto some property. Our family would love to be self sustaining if possible but for now we are just taking everything one step at a time.

I love to bake, craft, hunt, fish, crochet, knit and far to many other hobbies to admit too.

I am always shocked and blessed when I look at the life my husband and I have created together. I can’t wait to see what the years moving forward bring us.

I will be bringing you guys along the way on our journeys.

xoxo Stay at Home Wife and Mama

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